My 1st Ashtanga Yoga Class

So excited to share with you all I’ve just done my first Ashtanga class. LOVED it! I mean what's not to love about sun salutations? Every yogi and yogini should enjoy this rhythmic sequence that salutes the sun. Ashtanga is a fixed sequence of postures that is suitable for complete beginners. There is a primary, secondary and advanced version and students master one series before they take part in the next. Harbinder is a brilliant teacher and there are some real treats in this class .... bridge pose, plane pose and fish pose to name a few. How do I feel? Well I definitely had a good workout (sweaty) but I feel more connected and balanced than I have in any other yoga classes. Was this due to the extended savasana and breath work? Or maybe the chanting (don’t worry it’s just a tiny verse and it’s very serene and cute). My back feels amazing, my head seems calm of it’s usual chatter and I’m wondering how to incorporate sun salutations into my morning routine.


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