30 day challenge: Six tips to making it work

There’s no doubt that embarking on the 30 day challenge is a huge challenge in itself.  It takes planning and commitment but it is, without question, absolutely and completely worth it.  It will change your life. So, if you’re considering starting here’s some handy advice to making the challenge as challenge-free as possible.

Have a plan

Work out in advance which classes you plan to take each week.  It’s true failing to plan is planning to fail however don’t make your plan too ridged. And don’t beat yourself up if not everything goes to plan.  Because trust us it won’t.  Do what you can to arrange childcare, meetings, appointments etc but don’t let it rule your life.  Find a balance and remember if you need to make up classes that’s perfectly ok.


No expectations

Treat the challenge as you would any yoga class – with no expectations. Leave the ego behind and just take each day as it comes.  Your schedule, your body and your emotions will change throughout the process and you will come out at the end other end.  Try and enjoy the process without judgment and just visualize yourself walking out of that 30th class and know whatever happens between now and then you can do it.

The miracles come later

Don’t be surprised if most of the challenge you feel like you’re dragging yourself through it, especially if you have a normal working week to contend with too.  You’ll probably think that nothing much is changing but give yourself a few weeks after the challenge and you will notice the differences.  It might not feel like it but breakthroughs are happening and after a bit of a break you will be able to feel new frontiers.


Make sure your plan also includes rehydration.  Make life easier for yourself by investing in a new water bottle for the office or make sure there’s always a bottle in the car.  If you struggle drinking straight water, stock up on decaffeinated herbal teas or coconut water.  Do whatever it takes to make sure consuming enough fluid becomes routine.

Garner support

It really is worth telling your nearest and dearest what you’re undertaking as you will need their support along the way.  If your partner, children, colleagues and friends know in advance it will help make the journey more manageable and give you another reason to carry on.  Plus they will be incredibly proud of you when you complete the challenge.

Treat yourself

It definitely helps to plan something for after the challenge, not yoga related, to look forward to.  A meal out with friends, a new outfit, a day out.  Whatever it is, keep your treat in your mind’s eye and think about it when the going gets tough.

A 30 day challenge is one of the most rewarding things you can do for your mind and your body.  Look after yourself and trust the process.



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