Five things to do AFTER your first Bikram Yoga class


Congratulations! You did it! You made it through your first ever Bikram class. You're probably so relieved to have got through those 90 minutes that you've not thought about anything other than getting out of those sweaty clothes.

Don't lose out on the yoga high and get yourself prepared for what to do next.

1. Stay in the room

The last posture is savasana, it's where you gain all the benefits from your hard work. So try and stay there, arms and legs spread out, eyes closed, breathing however you like and just enjoy being for one moment more.

2. Talk to fellow students

If you have the time don't rush off. Speak with other students and find out how they felt about the class. You're now part of this amazing yoga community and you'll find there is so much support to tap into.

3. Look after yourself

Don't forget to hydrate and eat well during the rest of the day. Try and drink at least 1.5 litres and eat whatever your body craves. It's important to replace lost salts and refuel to avoid getting a headache later on.

4. Reward yourself

You might feel a bit shell shocked immediately after class but by the time you've showered and got home you'll feel amazing, so give yourself a huge pat on the back and be pleased with all your hard work.

5. Get back in

Get back into class as soon as you can! The very next day is best. You've started on this yoga journey now so keep up the momentum, you will start feeling the benefits and changes even faster.


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Sunday, April 15, 2018
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