Open Day FAQs - Saturday 12th May

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our Open Day.  If you have something else you'd like to know please drop us a line on Facebook.

Open Day - Saturday 12th May 2018

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our Open Day.  If you have something else you'd like to know please drop us a line on Facebook.

Open Day FAQs - Saturday 20th January

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our Open Day.  If you have something else you'd like to know please drop us a line on Facebook.

Kirtan Yoga, Saturday 20th January, £5 on the door

We are delighted to be offering a second class of Kirtan Yoga this Saturday 20th January, 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

Open Day - Saturday 20th January 2018



Our next Open Day will be held on Saturday 20th January!

So if you want to kick start or restart your New Year goals, or if you've ever wanted to try yoga and never had the chance, NOW is the time!

We'll have eight FREE taster classes all of which are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners, so if you've never tried yoga before or are interested in trying a new style, come along and give it a go!

We have a range of urban yoga classes as well as the iconic hot Bikram Yoga and the new Warm Flow 37° class!



9.30am - Warm Flow 37° (60 mins)

10am - Bikram Yoga (90 mins)

10.30am - Vinyasa Flow Yoga (60 mins)

1pm - Ladies Only Bikram Yoga (90 mins)

1.30pm - Ashtanga Yoga (60 mins)

3.00pm - Warm Yin Yoga (60 mins)

4.30pm - Iyengar Yoga (60 mins)

5pm - Bikram Yoga (90 mins)

Sign up to class online:


Hot and warm classes - mat hire £1 each, or bring your own!  Towels also required for hot and warm classes.  Again £1 to hire or bring your own.

Special membership offers available on the day.

Sign up to class online:

30 Day Challenge is On!



The 2018 January 30 Day Challenge starts today, so if you're looking to get fit or take your practice to the next level why not sign up?  All you need to do is commit to taking one yoga class every day for a full 30 days and you'll be amazed and the results, both physically and mentally.  Ask at the desk for more info.

Festive classes this Saturday!


If you fancy a bit of festive fancy dress or just want to make the season with some extra special sparkle, don't forget to to join us tomorrow (Saturday 23rd December) for some mince pies and non alcoholic mulled wine after our morning classes.  Merry Christmas!



Car Park Now Open!


We have some good news about the car park!


Three months after we initially thought we’d be able to make the new car park available to you, we are finally able to open it.


From this Wednesday, 20th December, you will be able to park your car in one of the 19 spaces next to the studio on Friar Lane. 


We are still working to find a long-term solution to enable the most streamlined access, so for the meantime there are some very specific rules that must be adhered to.  We felt that it was too important an opportunity not to make it available to you as soon as we possibly could.  We hope you understand and use the parking spaces with patience and understanding.


For now the process is as follows:

Pull up outside the studio.
Jump out and pop in to reception.
Collect the key, pay your money, collect a laminated sheet with a parking number on it and sign in on the sign in sheet in the relevant number slot.
Return to your car and enter the car park.
Place the laminate on your dashboard, so it is visible in the windscreen.
Leave the car park and lock the gate after you.
After class, collect the key and reverse the process, not forgetting to return the laminate to reception.

The parking rates are:

Early mornings for parking pre 9am - £1
All other times - £2 per session (60 or 90 min classes)
Students undertaking back to back classes i.e. classes that end and start within 15 minutes of each other may pay a £1 supplement for the second class.

In order for this to work we kindly ask that all users follow these simple rules:

Please reverse park into the spaces.
Only one car at a time, no tailgating.
Display the laminate number clearly under the windscreen or on the dashboard.
You must return the laminate to reception immediately on exiting the car park.
Any cars without the laminate showing or unpaid usage are at risk of being clamped by a third party.
Please allow more time to arrive than usual, you may still be denied entrance to class if you are not ready on time.
Payment can only be made in cash.  It will not be possible to pay on account.
Only park in the marked bays.  You must not under any circumstances block in other cars. 

We hope that everyone who needs to will benefit from this facility and we thank you again, in advance, for your courteous use of it.


Any questions please call the studio.


Many thanks.


Pam, Libby and the team






Dear Students

Whilst this afternoon’s classes will remain unchanged, we have made the decision to cancel all classes tomorrow morning.

Therefore 6.45am Bikram Yoga, 10.30am Iyengar Yoga and 12pm Bikram Yoga Express tomorrow, Monday 11th December 2017 are cancelled. The studio will be open as usual in the evening from 6pm.

Thank you to everyone who has, and is planning to, brave the snow today!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Stay warm and safe.

Yours in yoga.
Pam, Libby and the team

Kirtan Yoga coming to .B Yoga!

We are delighted to be offering a FREE taster class of Kirtan Yoga this Saturday 2nd December, 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

The renowned Kirtan London is expanding its activities to Leicester, and we invite you to join us at the launch event at .B Yoga. 

If you haven’t heard of it before, Kirtan is a call and response musical meditation. Combining music, mantra meditation and full body, mind and heart participation, kirtan offers a rich, immersive experience. The practice goes back more than 5000 years and can be performed by people of all backgrounds and all ages. An open mind and your voice are all that is required! 

Starting in London in 2013, the Kirtan London movement has introduced the uplifting experience to corporates, yoga studios, universities and festivals in the Capital. You can see some coverage of Kirtan London in The Sunday Times and Vogue here: 

The session also includes delicious vegan bites and you never know, you might be even feel like dancing at the end!! Come along and bring your friends too.

Sign up online: or if you are experiencing problems with this please call the studio on 0116 261 9262.

New class - Warm Flow 37°

Warm Flow 37° yoga classes are really great for beginners as well as experienced yogis. With the temperature set at 37 degrees (so not Bikram hot), muscles are stretched and strengthened through a sequence of static and vinyasa asana (postures) that differ from week to week designed to leave you feeling renewed, stronger and more flexible. The heat enables your joints and muscles to feel more open, allowing you to move more freely whilst also cleansing your body from the inside out (let the sweat pour). This class is open to all.

Open Day Q&As

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our Open Day.  If you have something else you'd like to know please drop us a line on Facebook.

I’m a beginner, which class is right for me?

All of them are right for you! Yes that’s right, all the classes on the Open Day and on the regular timetable are suitable for beginners!  In fact the Bikram series is actually called the beginner’s series so it perfect for anyone’s who’s never done yoga before as well as regular yogis.

Do I need to book?

It will help us tremendously on the day if you can sign up to class and register online before hand, although this isn’t compulsory, so if you don’t get time please don’t worry.  If you do have a moment please click the ‘sign up’ button next to the class of your choice on the timetable page of our website and follow the prompts to create an account. 4 Feb 2017&sessionid=all&trainerid=all&service_category_id=all

Please be patient with us when you arrive as it will be busy on the reception desk so by signing up before hand it will help us make sure everyone gets into class on time.


What time should I arrive?

Please aim to get to the studio 20 to 30 minutes before the class start time.  As mentioned above it will be busy on the reception desk and whilst we aim to get everyone registered as quickly as possible it may be that you need to wait for a short time. 


You also want to make sure you have plenty of time for a quick tour of the studio and time to get changed and get yourself settled on your mat before the class starts.  The studio will obviously be open all day during the Open Day so feel free to come and see us even earlier if you like! We’re always up for a chat about all things yoga and we have a lovely lounge area with free teas so you can have a catch up with other students whilst you’re waiting.

I’ve been to an Open Day before, can I come again?

Of course!  We’d love to see you again at the studio, it’s a great chance to come and try a new kind of yoga or remind yourself what you’ve been missing out on.  Whilst all the classes all day will be free for everyone, we ask that if you’ve enjoyed free yoga on an Open Day before but didn’t sign up, that this time you consider taking up one of our special membership offers.


I’ve purchased an intro pass or other membership previously, what options are open to me during the Open Day?

Again, classes on the Open Day itself are free for all and for this weekend only, if you’ve had a pass with us before, you can by a Welcome Back pass for just £30! 

Normally priced at £60 for 30 days of unlimited yoga, we’re offering a very special 50% discount.  So there’s really no excuse not to get yoga back in your life!


I’m currently a member, am I welcome to the Open Day?

Yes absolutely!  This is your studio! We need as many of our regular students to come along to help show our brand new visitors how it’s done and why we love the .B Yoga community so much!  We particularly need our Bikram practitioners to take their place on the front row to help the new students see the postures done correctly.  5 and 10 class card holders will not have a class deducted from their allocation on the Open Day.


What should I wear?

Bikram Yoga

Prepare to sweat a lot in in a Bikram Yoga class!  So dress accordingly.  Ladies often wear shorts and a crop top or vest top, whilst men might just wear a pair of shorts.  Most important is that you’re comfortable throughout the 90 minutes.  For many people less is more. Sportswear and swimwear are fine but please remember no underwear as outerwear.  Shorts are preferable to leggings so you can see your knees but leggings are fine if you prefer. If in doubt layers are sensible so you can remove them during class until you find what works for you.  Please note that we ask for bare feet in class (unless you have an injury or for religious reasons) and no shoes in the studio itself. Remember Bikram is an incredible leveller so please don’t be self-conscious.  Trust us when we say what you look like and what you’re wearing will the last thing on your or anyone else’s mind! 

Urban yoga classes

Any kind of comfortable yoga, leisure or sportswear is fine.  You will still work hard and may sweat but essentially you want to be able to move easily.  Again layers are a good idea, as you may want to put more clothes back on at the end of class during savasana.  Socks can be worn at the end of class - again as you relax in savasana to make sure you don’t get cold.

What should I bring?

If you have your own mat then you are welcome to bring that along to practice on.  If you don’t have your own then you will need to rent a mat for £1.  You should also bring a bottle of water and two towels, one for practicing on and one for showering afterwards.  Towels are available for rent for £1 as well.

Are there lockers?

We don’t have lockers at .B Yoga and are proud of the friendly and supportive community we have established over the years.  Kit bags, clothes and shoes are left in the changing rooms. You are welcome to take valuables into class with you and leave them at the back of the room or tucked under the corner of your mat.  Remember mobile phones must be switched off and please make sure the areas between the mats are kept clear.  There are also cubbie holes in the corridor immediately outside the hot studio where you can leave your belongings.

Is there parking?

There are plenty of parking options available that are close to the studio.  We offer a discounted rate for the Holiday Inn NCP car park.  There is metre parking on the roads around the studio and the nearest car park is on Newark Street.  A full explanation is available on the ‘contact us’ page of the website (scroll down to below the map):

Open Day!! FREE yoga for all - Saturday 30th September

By popular demand our next Open Day will be held on Saturday 30th September!

So if you've wanted to try yoga and never had the chance, now is the time!

We'll have eight FREE taster classes all of which are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners, so if you've never tried yoga before or are interested in trying a new style, come along and give it a go!

We have a range of urban yoga classes as well as the iconic hot Bikram Yoga and brand new Warm Flow class!

9am - Power Yoga with Stevan

10am - Bikram Yoga with Harbinder

10.30am - Flow Yoga with Stevan

12pm - Ashtanga Yoga with Marina

1pm - Warm Flow 37° with Stevan

3.30pm - Warm Yin Yoga with Marina

4.30pm - Iyengar Yoga with Bobby

5pm - Bikram Yoga with Lyndsey

Mats, water and towels will be available to rent for £1 each. 

Sign up to class online: 5 Feb 2017&sessionid=all&trainerid=all&service_category_id=all 

Yoga Fundamentals Course Starting Saturday 3rd June

Following the popularity of the Yoga Fundamentals taster session at our recent BIG Weekender event, we are delighted to be able to offer a four week course with teacher Geoff O'Meara.

The BIG Weekender!

As a thank you to our valued members for your support over the past year, since Pam took over the studio, we are putting on the .B Yoga BIG Weekender!

Behind the poses: ‘Brose’s story

Regular practitioner ‘Brose has been practicing Bikram since 2012.  He like many students uses the 90 minutes in the hot room to escape life’s problems and find a way to rebalance and reboot. 

But for ‘Brose, a recovering alcoholic and Leukemia patient, daily life can be more challenging than usual.  Here we take a very candid and very privileged look into the person behind the poses. (Thank you ‘Brose for sharing your story).

“Bikram definitely helps with my alcoholism. I have been working a recovery programme since October 2015 and it is something that I am very grateful for: a sober life, a more contented life. (I know I sound evangelical!)
“Physically I'm trimmer and not so dehydrated. I’ve also been able to use the self-discipline developed from my yoga practice in my recovery.

“My first class was something though. Dante missed a circle: it was sheer hell. I did not realise I could sweat that much. How I managed to stay in the class I cannot say. I started bargaining with myself from the off: 'how many postures do I have to attempt before I can sit/lie out?' I was trying to con the teachers basically.

“But what drew me back was the mental space that Bikram left afterwards. 'Grounded', 'balanced', 'mellow', 'collapsed consciousness', 'in the groove' or 'in the zone', call it what you like, but that was the payback. Bikram was the access to that mental state, so I had to come back.

“Leukemia does not hurt. I have not had to have any treatment as it was diagnosed early. I have regular check ups.

“I attend Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey in Northumberland. Meditation is central to Buddhism and I find a meditative state is a by-product of a yoga class.

“It is the polar opposite of my Catholic upbringing. I was also attracted to the emphasis on 'doing', rather than just claiming it as a label. I was also unnerved by the control exerted by the Catholic Church. Buddhism by contrast treats people as adults.
“What I love about Bikram is the people, the heat, the ‘journey' as well as the obstacles.  The heat is equally one of the most challenging aspects, oh, and locking the knee.

“My favorite postures are standing bow, toe stand or anything that I do not fall out of. I find savasana the hardest: I just cannot keep still!

“I've met some very, special people through yoga, and I do not believe these friendships would have been formed without it.”


Open Day FAQs

Here are the answers to the commonly asked questions about our Open Day. If you have something else you'd like to know please drop us a line on Facebook.

Love is... practicing Bikram together!

At .B Yoga we meet the people behind the poses: Interview with Glenda and Peter Barratt, both aged 69.

Open Day - Sunday 12th February 2017

By popular demand our next Open Day will be held on a Sunday! So if you've wanted to come along in the past but not been able to now is the time!

What is Iyengar?

Iyengar Yoga is the most widely practiced form of Yoga, and is focused on achieving precision and alignment of poses (asanas). Iyengar Yoga is based on the teaching of the late B.K.S. Iyengar (14 December 1918 – 20 August 2014), known as the most influential yoga teacher in the world.