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9/6 6pm Kundalini
9/7 9am Meditation

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9/8 Yoga 101
9/9 Kirtan

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9/13 YTT Begins

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9/17 Yoga Retreat
9/29 Outdoor Yoga

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10/5 500 Hr YTT
10/25 Meditation
10/29 40 Days 

Yogi of the Month

Read about Erin, our yogi of the month for September! Erin is a recent graduate of our YTT. Read more about her on the blog!

Time to Get Back to Basics!

September is a time of transition and transformation–a time for looking within, creating a manageable routine, and beginning anew. Today, your friends at Virgo Vinyasa Yoga are delivering a gentle reminder to embrace your fresh start! You can probably remember the invigorating feeling that accompanied your first day of school as a child, seemingly cemented in brand-new clothes and shoes, crisp clean backpacks, and sharpened pencils. And since change is inevitably accompanied by resistance, you may also remember those anxious first-day-of-school jitters and fear of the unknown that lies ahead. So, what's a yogi to do?  Well, we invite you to return to your practice, to your center, and to your confidence this September as you make yoga part of your daily routine. We'll roll the mat out for you–all you have to do is show up!

Wipe Your Slate Clean!

As adults, we are not privy to the annual renewal that comes with the turning of pages in the school calendar. We work, we parent, we participate in community. We trudge on! And if we don't stop, reevaluate, and clear out the clutter every now and then, we deny ourselves a fresh new beginning. Want to seize your opportunity? Transcendental Meditation, a 6 week guided meditation program, begins on September 6th. Learn more now.

Commit to a Healthy New Routine

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu encouraged, "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." And if the new routine you have been visualizing includes a daily yoga practice, the first step in your journey should be signing up for a monthly yoga pass. Enjoy UNLIMITED yoga for just $59/month. Learn more here!

Don't Break Promises–Even to Yourself

Intention is a very powerful driving force, but it's not always enough. Making good on our promises, even when those very promises are the ones made to ourselves, is crucial to our inner peace. It's what keeps us waking up every morning, feeling valued and confident and fulfilled. That's why today, we want you to promise to take amazing care of yourself...and do it! Why? Because you said you would. It's the incredibly simple principle behind the viral movement started by Alex Sheen in 2012. Read about it here.