The Beginner

Am I too inflexible for yoga?

No!  We hear this so much.  It's yoga that makes you flexible so beginners will not have this flexibility.  Unless of course you are already a dancer or a gymnast of course.  There is nobody too inflexible for yoga.  In fact the more stiff your body is the more you need yoga.

Is yoga suitable for me?

Yoga is recommended and suitable for everyone no matter what your age, sex or size.  Yoga can be especially beneficial for improving health generally and for many physical conditions and injuries.  Many sports people find that yoga is fantastic for preventing injuries and increasing concentration, balance and focus.  

Will it be difficult?

People often comment that yoga is harder than they expected but each class and style is different so it really depends on which class you do.  Everyone’s body is different and there are some classes or postures that are just easier for some or more difficult for others.  Adjustments will be given for you if you need them to take into account flexibility, experience, injuries or conditions.

What about the hot room?  What's it like?

Hot yoga is initially very challenging due to the heat. At .B Yoga we have warm classes and hot classes.  These two different temperatures feel quite different.  Both warm and hot yoga heat your body to allow you to stretch deeply and open up – increasing your flexibility, improving your balance, relieving tension and clearing the mind.  All that’s asked of you during your first hot class is to take in the experience and try to remain in the room for the full class. The first two to three classes are tough, but it gets easier!  


Before yoga must come the breath.  If you find yourself holding your breath or struggling to breath calmly then you may be working too hard.  Try to just focus on the breath and let the yoga follow.  Feel free to ask questions before or after a class. A teacher is always available.  

The little details

You will have the use of a free mat on your first session. You can then choose to bring your own mat or hire one.

You will need one or two towels.  If you are doing a warm or hot class you will probably need two towels one to place on your mat and another for a shower afterwards.

Wear light clothing. Joggers or sweats are not recommended particularly in the hot room.

If you are taking an urban class (unheated) you might want a warmer layer that you can remove for the start and end of class. 

Bring some water with you or you can buy some at the studio.

The introductory offer pass last’s for 30 days and begins on your first visit to class.

If you purchase your next classes while the intro deal is active you will receive 20% off your next purchase.

Lockers are available for your valuables, please bring a £1 coin.

Finally, all the people who come here are really friendly and encouraging.  So speak to them in the changing rooms for non-biased opinions on how yoga has helped them. 

Top Tips for Your First Class

  • Arrive at least 15 mins before class to give you chance to relax and let the day go before you begin your class.  You don't want to be rushing and if you are late you may not be allowed to enter the class.
  • Yoga is challenging so make sure you are fed and hydrated properly before class but don't eat or drink too much during the 90 mins before class.
  • Let go of expectations.  Every time you practice your body will feel different so there's no point putting expectations on your practice.  To make sure you have an awesome practice you need to roll with how it feels on the day.
  • Leave your ego at the door.  The yoga room is a peaceful place for exploring your body, mind and spirit.  Focus on this and don't worry about anyone else in the class everyone's on their own journey.
  • Listen listen listen.  Never stop listening to your teacher as even after 10 years of practice you will still hear new things.
  • Let go of negative thoughts , "I’m not flexible enough ", " I can’t balance ".  Allow the postures to do their work, and your mind will eventually let go of your negative perceptions, which are restricting you.