Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of regular practice?

Keeps you youngIncreased muscle toneGreater range of movementEncourages better eatingReduced Pain & inflammationStress relief
More energyImproved circulationImproved balance & co-ordinationTrims tummy and bumStabilises blood pressureFeel happier
Stronger immune systemIncreased bone strenthMore efficient breathingWeight lossImproves metabolism, increases immunityMindfullness
Improved staminaBetter joint mobilityBetter sleepToned bodyHealthier heartRelaxation
Healthier for longerReleases nervesImproved digestionLeaner musclesStrengthens jointsImproved consciousness
Improves optimiismLoosens musclesBetter concentrationBetter skin, hair and nailsHelps backpainDecreased anxiety
Benefits relationshipsHealthier jointsImproved sex driveBetter postureImproves asthmaImproves self esteem
Improves fitnessLymphatic drainageOverall body strengthFlexibility and agilityHormone regulationPeace of mind
Clears the mindImproved flexibilityLess chaotic mindEncourages self careRegulates adrenal glands & Reduces fatigueBetter sleep

What are the additional benefits of practising in a hot and humid room?

Sweating helps the body to detoxify itself and drastically improves the circulation. The heat also relaxes muscle tissue enabling deeper stretching which feels more comfortable with less risk of injury. The challenge of the postures in the heated room creates a stronger cardiovascular workout meaning more than double the calorie burn of a usual yoga class. The challenge presented by hot yoga also presents a challenge for the mind which leave you feeling amazing when you finish a class and helps to build confidence. The hot room isn't for everyone but if you like it it's the most effective yoga you can do with the fastest benefits.

Will I lose weight?

Practicing Yoga especially Bikram Yoga helps to regulate your metabolism. People who eat too much or too little will find their own level through the Yoga. With a sensible balanced diet and regular practice you will feel very different. The calories burnt in a Bikram Yoga class far outweigh other style of yoga. This is in part because of how hard the body has to work in the class itself but it's also due to the hours after class when the body is still having to work hard to restore the bodies homeostasis. All yoga classes help to tone the body.

Do I have to be flexible to do yoga?

No, not at all! Yoga practice is all about making you more flexible so you're in the ideal place.

What do I need to bring with me?

Firstly try to make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before class. You'll need a mat, 2 towels and some water (though you can hire or buy these at the studio). You'll want to wear lightweight flexible clothing

Which is the best class for beginners?

All classes at the studio are suitable for beginners to join in. Usually more experienced students go near the front of the room so if you're new it's good to go behind them so that you have someone to follow.

Is there anyone who cannot do yoga?

Yoga is suitable for all ages and levels of ability (though above above 11 years old is recommended for Bikram as the ability to sweat is essential to prevent overheating)
Always check with your doctor if you have a concern and inform the instructor prior to the class.

Can I book classes?

Yes you can book classes online, on the phone or face to face in reception. Please be aware that if you book a class you must arrive and check in 10 minutes before the class to maintain the reservation. This enables us to let people on the wait list into the class.

The only times that it is not recommended to do Bikram is:

If you are fasting
If you are on, an extreme diet or are consuming only minimal calories through diet shakes.
If you have a fever
If you are already doing an intense detoxification
If you are pregnant and have less than six months of regular practice of yoga
If you have had recent chemotherapy
If you suffer from Epilepsy, you will need to speak to your consultant, and have written consent from them particularly for practicing in the hot room

What if I’m pregnant?

As with any new exercise it is not recommended that you take up something new whilst pregnant. However, if you have been practicing yoga regularly for at least six months then there is no reason not to continue with some modifications. Your body temperature is already higher, therefore you would need a cooler part of the room. In addition, compressions or lying on your back are not recommended. Please inform your instructor to enable them to work with you.