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"It’s for everybody. Young, old, you can do it to your own level. Bikram Yoga is a fantastic way of getting a really good workout without killing yourself!"
- Richard Cockerill, Director of Rugby, Leicester Tigers

"Before the finals, Bikram Yoga Leicester helped re-energise me, rejuvenate me and ensure that I got a good night’s sleep before the big day."
- Will Jefferson, Batsman, Leicestershire County Cricket Club

 "The sweat generated in Bikram Yoga is hugely important, because you are sweating out all of the toxins in your body. The next day, you feel amazing and when you go outside after a class, you feel amazing."
- Chris Weale, Former Leicester City Goalkeeper
"Bikram Yoga is my biggest relaxation. An hour and a half of that a day is great. It clears your mind and you’re ready to go again."
- Bex Rimmington, GB Paralympic Rower and former GB Cyclist
"I had been suffering some Achilles tendon problems. Since I have been doing Bikram Yoga in Leicester, I haven’t really been suffering with it…it brings your muscles back to reality. It stretches muscles out and prevents injuries, which is obviously a good thing."
- Rendall Munroe, Boxer, WBA Super Bantamweight Title Challenger

"I knew about Bikram Yoga before I came to Leicester but this studio has taken me to new ground.  Thank you so much for the push. I’m going to tell all my friends to go!"
–  Mark, USA

"Yoga has changed my life. In the last six months I have lost a stone, toned up, my confidence has increased, and my energy levels have soared as has my mood, sense of wellbeing and happiness! The euphoria after class frames the whole of the rest of my day. Yoga has increased my sense of patience, focus and possibly wisdom! I am more emotionally in touch with myself and others and feel more integrated. Big thanks."
- Anon

”I have always been into sport and used to attend kickboxing. A couple of years ago I injured my sacroiliac (hip) joint. To find out that you cannot do something that you enjoy, was hard to come to terms with.  Over the last few years I have tried a number of activities, from going to sports centres, road running, tennis, spinning classes etc. I have been searching for something that is physically and mentally challenging, without experiencing pain afterwards. I know I have found something, which I will not get bored of, and has challenged me every time.  I have experienced physical benefits including feeling myself walk taller and I do not slouch so much and have increased flexibility. I am looking forward to feeling more benefits in the future. Above all though, since coming to Bikram Yoga, I have experienced no pain in the hip during or after sessions! 

- Fin.

“I just wanted to share my experience of practising Bikram Yoga and its impact on my health. Prior to starting Bikram Yoga I have suffered from pompholyx eczema, which is a type of eczema that affects the feet and hands (no known cause). As a result I had painful blistering on the soles of my feet, which made it painful for me to walk. I have tried various types of steroid based medications which did not make a difference. Now for the strange part, I did not make any changes to my lifestyle e.g. diet etc except the practise of Bikram Yoga. Within three weeks my symptoms disappeared. Firstly, I thought this was a coincidence but when I stopped practising for a couple of months the symptoms reoccurred. However, when I started again, the symptoms and blistering disappeared again. Bikram Yoga has not only helped my medical condition but has improved my overall flexibility and strength. I would definitely recommend it.”
- Tina.

"Prior to coming to yoga, I had been off sick for four months with a combination of stress/depression/anxiety, two months later I was back at work, two months on from that I am back full time, in a new job enjoying my work again – for the most part anyway!! I suppose there has been two types of benefit for me, mental and physical."
- Anon

"The actual practise of the yoga has been an enormous help, however other factors of coming to yoga have also helped…sense of achievement, social interaction etc. One of the biggest benefits that I noticed early on was the improvement in my sleep patterns, I went from someone whom couldn’t sleep until two or three in the morning to being asleep by 11pm and having the most restful sleep I have had in years. I have also found that whilst I am practising, the time seems to stand almost still – the concept of flow comes to mind – as if it had become a meditation in itself. After the breathing and the first set of the first postures, I am not really aware of time till near the end when it’s like shit we’ve nearly finished. My ability to deal with stress has improved enormously. I have also become more tolerant or more in tune with how other people are feeling, bit like an increase in my ability to empathise."
- Anon

"What was weird was after the first class, I could really feel my toes again… sounds weird but it’s almost as if the circulation in my feet had returned… and the longer I have practised the more I am aware of all of my body. 10 weeks on from starting Bikram, I had stopped smoking, been through Christmas and still managed to loose 2.5 inches off my waist. I was four inches from touching my toes when I started, now I can place my hands flat on the floor, that’s getting on for 12 inches of flexibility!! I have also noticed my cardiovascular fitness improve. I went swimming the other week, and could seemingly just keep going… not something most people would associate with yoga. Whilst there I also went to the gym, I couldn’t believe how boring it was, no wonder I have never managed to keep going to one!!"
- Anon

"I have always had an interest in yoga since trying it as a student (10 years ago or so) and seeing how it improved my overall life style and significantly reduced the psoriasis at the time. I am really glad I have found somewhere to practise, that is without the chanting and incense, where I get a proper work out and where the persons running the studio really care about the people and the yoga they teach"
- Anon

"I am able to do my university work in half the time."
- Anon

"I came to Bikram with thyroid problems. It’s now three years since I’ve needed to take any medication for it!"
- Anon

"The best part about Bikram Yoga is that it becomes part of you. No matter what happens, you can count on this to make your day. Oh yeah, I got thinner and thinner."
- Anon

"The biggest change for me is how much calmer I feel after Bikram. My work is fast paced, in a pressured environment. Sometimes I arrive in the worst mood possible! Bikram ALWAYS turns me around and seems to give me what I need – whatever that is. How good is Bikram Yoga? I drive 1 hour and 15 minutes to get here after a long day – that’s how good Bikram is!"
- Anon

"Bikram Yoga is amazing. It has completely reshaped my body, and given me a massive amount of energy. I’ve just completed my degree and Bikram definitely helped me get through it."
- Lisa

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